Dec 28th Latest Announcements Moved to new location - with RSS feed available

All "Announcements" can now be found on our Oceania Web Hosting website. Please click here to view the latest announcements.

You will notice an RSS Feed Option on the linked page. We encourage you to take advantage of having all important announcements from us delivered instantly to you inbox.

Your Oceania Support Team.

Mar 4th FAKE Australian Federal Police AFP emails

FAKE Australian Federal Police  AFP emails It has come to our attention that there is a serious attempt to infect your computers by way of virus email. The emails ask people to pay a fine of $150 for negligent driving. The AFP said the emails were a scam and asked people not to pay any money or click any attachments or links. AFP national ... Read More »

Feb 29th Drupal Software Users - please note.

This is a courtesy security notice that Drupal has released updates to patch multiple critical vulnerabilities:

Dec 21st Welcome to the New Oceania Members Area

Members Area has been Upgraded.We'd love to thank you for another great year with Oceania and are proud to bring you the schmick upgraded Members Area that gives added user friendliness and some great new features.  Have a wander through these pages and if you have any questions - please dont hesitate to send us a support ticket or simply call  ... Read More »

Dec 15th Dec 2015 JOOMLA vulnerability notice

Joomla Remote Code Execution Vulnerability


We are letting all customers who use Joomla know that they need to immediately update/patch Joomla: read more here

Oceania Support Team

Oct 29th Urgent Notice re Domain Name

ATTENTION Domain Owners....TUCOWS DOMAIN REGISTRATIONS TARGETED by massive phishing attack.You may have heard that many high-profile domain registrars are being targeted by a massive phishing attack against domain owners. We have received reports that some of those attacks are using Tucows branded emails to possibly target some of our end users ... Read More »

Sep 29th Are you finding some of your emails are delayed due to GreyListing?

Slow email delivery? Email delayed? Could be due to Recent Introduction of GreyListing in cPanelA recent initiative to reduce spam called "GreyListing" has been added to your cpanel account. Greylisting defends email users against spam. When enabled, the mail server will temporarily reject any email from a sender that the server does not ... Read More »

Jul 24th False Alert:: Account Closure Notice

Account Closure Notice  is Spam Email.We are very pleased to let you know that Oceania Members are maintaining excellent password care practices and in spite of their efforts you are thwarting the attempts by spammers to succeed in stealing information.  Congratulations and thank you for heeding the warnings we have been sending out. ... Read More »

May 20th Wordpress comes preinstalled through Softaculous in cpanel

The most popular software on the internet today for creating sites is undoubtedly WordPress.  There are a great many reasons to use this free tool with your Oceania Hosting package.  You can install wordpress straight into your hosting account by using cpanel> Softaculous and filling out a small form - the server takes care of the rest.The ... Read More »

May 7th Security and Maintenance Release- WordPress Users - upgrade again please!

7th May 2015 Security and Maintenance Release- WordPress Users - upgrade again please!

Posted on Wordpress have announced another Security Update today. 

Please log in to your Dashboard or Softaculous to upgrade to Wordpress 4.2.2 without delay.