Account Closure Notice  is Spam Email.

We are very pleased to let you know that Oceania Members are maintaining excellent password care practices and in spite of their efforts you are thwarting the attempts by spammers to succeed in stealing information.  Congratulations and thank you for heeding the warnings we have been sending out. Collectively you are simply the best hosting clients ever and we are proud to serve you.

Tonight one of our Members sent through a very realistic looking plain email notification threatening closure of her email account. It was a false attempt by spammers but could have fooled some people.

If ever you are in doubt, please call us, or better still simply forward the email on to us and we will confirm whether it is a legitimate email from the Server with legitimate information for you. With spam becmoing ever more sophisticated it can be difficult to be sure at times.

Keep up the good work.  With your continuing diligence and care, the war on spam may yet prove winnable.
Team Oceania.

Friday, July 24, 2015

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